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Almost Strawberry Time!

Reeling from the horrors of getting up in the dark once again, post-Daylight-Savings-Time changeover, I find that the pleasant side of the awakenings of Spring are starting to get me in gear for outdoor projects. Once of the first on my agenda was to take the greenhouse plastic off my ZipTieDomes strawberry garden. I’ve been checking on the plants frequently lately, and had disovered that the buggers had produced flowers and baby berries when they thought they had plenty of privacy to get their pistils and stamens rubbing together in the still of the night. Giggity.
A friend gave me a 14’x14′ square of garden netting, which is a weak plastic grid, but as my intention is just to deter rabbits, birds, and whitetail deer (not to mention a few resident chickens), it should serve well. I was concerned that it might not reach over the entire dome- I had not measured anything, but I think the dome is 10′ wide and 5′ tall. It ended up just barely reaching, but I can add more wire or string later to stretch it some more and make sure it’s sealed at the bottom where wascally wabbits would be likely to wiggle under.
I attached the plastic netting with custom-cut twist ties, of the sort that is a green roll of plastic covered wire from the gardening department at the hardware store. Weak for most applications, but it holds this plastic nicely and I intend to add more to attach it better in more places. I created a door out of extra struts, aluminum wire, and chicken wire netting. It’s low to the ground, but so is the whole dome, and it works for me.
I’m looking forward to having a bountiful strawberry crop this year, I planted the roots last Spring and let the plants spread out over last Summer, so they are seasoned and should produce something this Spring. I still need to remove the weeds that are trying to take over, and I may yet need to put the plastic cover back over the whole shebang if another frost is forecast soon. I am now tired but excited to be working in the garden again! Yay Spring!
I also need to get a clip like you find on the end of a leadrope, to secure the door with. A rope to re-tie every time would be a pain in the butt. Hopefully this netting will not deter the local bee population… Hey guys, fresh strawberry pollen over here! Bzzzz

Birdie Hurt
Birdie Hurt

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